Hero Tactics - The Game


  • The competitive gaming community needed a place to compete and earn money by playing. Hero Tactics is a PLAY TO EARN crypto game inspired by Team Fight Tactics (TFT) from League of Legends.

  • With competitive gaming in mind we decided to create the FIRST REAL COMPETITIVE PLAY TO EARN GAME in the world, with match making and tournaments.

  • The main objective of Hero Tactics is to provide the tools for competitive players to make a living from gaming. e-Sports are really small communities with no more than 24 known teams per game, only a few of this teams makes huges amount of money while other competitive players wins nothing. There are a lot of professional players that deserve the opportunity of making a living from playing games, and Hero Tactics is here to change the game in the e-Sports scene.

  • Hero Tactics is a round-based strategy game that pits you against seven opponents in a free-for-all race to build a powerful team that fights on your behalf, inspired on TFT, with Champions that you can place on the Battleground and Heroes with special skills (pasive), includes a marketplace where you can buy or sell different items to make extra tokens.

  • There are Heroes, Champions an Items. Items can be placed on Champions. Champions and Heroes can be combined to obtain synergy combos.


  • Heroes have 100 of health at the start of the match.

  • Each Hero has a special skill (pasive) which can be combined with Champions to get special synergy combos.

  • You can own several Heroe to combine with the specific champions combination that you own, heroes can take a huge in-battle advantage from the Heroes special skill (pasive).


  • Champions have different stadistics depending on their rarity.

  • Champions can be placed on the battleground and can make combinations of skills with other champions and even with the Hero to obtain special synergy combos.


  • Items can be placed on Champions and provide several different benefits.

  • Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary items can be sold in the marketplace.

Rarity of accounts

  • The idea is that most of you could get your account legendary by just playing the game.


    Uncommon: Need to own at least 5 uncommon champions.

    Rare: Need to own at least 5 rare champions.

    Epic: Need to own at least 5 epic champions.

    Legendary: Need to own at least 5 legendary champions.

  • Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary Champions can be sold in the marketplace.