• Common do not have any rewards until they upgrade the account to uncommon.

  • Everyday we will be giving 1.000.000 tokens (this number will eventually change), segmented as follows:

  • Story: 50%

  • Story matches are fast and easy to win. You win tokens and enemy bosses can drop items.

  • PvP: 50%

  • - Uncommon account 2,5%

  • - Rare account 12,5%

  • - Epic account 30%

  • - Legendary account 55%

  • From this rewards, all the players starting from Uncommon will be paying the Battleground fee for PvP from the earnings, which is 25% of your income.

  • PvP matches pays tokens to winners, the loser loses nothing.

  • Wagering

  • You can play unlimited wagering matches and almost duplicate your bet in just one match. You can bet an amount of tokens in a PvP wagering match, destroy your rival's Heroes and get the tokens of your rivals. 10% fee will apply and will be burned.

    Wagering can be Free for all (8 players) or a four members team (4vs4).