• Battlegrounds are the lands where the combats take place. The owners of the Battlegrounds gets a 25% of the profit made in each combat that took place in that specific Battleground.

  • Battleground owners do not need to play and they can withdraw their tokens every 7 days and a 4% fee is charged with every sell.

  • Battlegrounds are unique and can be bought before the launch of the game during the presale (and maybe eventually in the marketplace).

  • The amount of Battlegrounds for sale is limited but variable according the amount of active players. We will release one battleground every 1000 active players. Owners can make 250 times the income of a player.

  • Example:

  • If there are 10000 rare players, 6000 epic players and 2000 legendary players in the game, this means we released 18 battlegrounds. Each battleground owner will get the 25% income from 625 rare players, 375 epic players and 125 legendary players.