Compete in a play to earn game and make profit!

Professional players encouraged us to produce a highly entertaining and really competitive game. Inspired on TFT from League of Legends. Fight on battlegrounds against other heroes and get rewards in tokens!

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Hero Tactics concept map

Every day a lot of winners

Be One of Them

You can generate income playing the story and/or PvP, but that's not all, you can participate in unlimited wagering matches EVERY DAY.
Get involved in the first competitive play to earn game that lives on the blockchain. Gain early access to Hero Tactics rarities.
Story Mode

Daily profit

Playing the story mode is a simple way of obtaining tokens, matches are against the computer, fast and easy to win.

In the story mode bosses can drop items.

The story mode is a four stages match, the last stage is a boss.

You need at least one win everyday to get an amount of tokens depending on your rarity.

Players receive the won tokens everyday.

Player vs Player

Win cups

PvP is an 8 player combat where they fight to elimitate enemy heroes and get to the first place.

First 4 places will get tokens, while the other 4 will lose nothing.

You can play up to 5 PvP matches per day, more wins means more tokens.


Bet and make profit

Wagering combats works similar to PvP but you can choose 1 vs 1 or and 8 team battle.

You can bet fixed amounts of tokens (depending on your account rarity) and make 80% of the bet in just one 1 vs 1 combat or a 8 players free and win up to 320% (depending on your final placement).

You can play UNLIMITED amount of wagering matches.


  • Phase 1

    Website development, whitepaper, roadmap and information about the game. Advertising on websites and social networks.

  • Phase 2

    Presale release where users can support the project by donating specific amounts of BNB and receiving items in exchange.

  • Phase 3

    Audited token release with public countdown shown in the website and visible contract address (only in our website).

  • Phase 4
    Game Launch

    Working game beta release. We will release the game only after several security audits from third party companies.

  • Phase 5

    The in-game marketplace will allow you to buy or sell heroes, champions and items, you can get tokens in exchange.